Internal Medicine

portland acupuncture internal medicineChinese medicine uses "differential diagnosis" to identify the underlying causes of each person's dis-ease manifestations. Two people may have a similar diagnosis, like IBS, but have different constitutional reasons for the condition, and accordingly must be treated with different approaches.

Internal medicine conditions often require a longer course of treatment to see significant results – on average 2-3 months of regular care. Herbal supplements are often an important part of the treatment plan.



Some Common Internal Medicine Conditions & Symptoms That Are Helped With Acupuncture:

  • Insomnia and sleep disruption (nightshift / frequent travel)
  • Digestive issues
  • Allergies / sinus infections
  • Asthma
  • Headaches / migraines
  • Stress, anxiety, depression
  • Urinary issues
  • Cancer treatment side effects (chemotherapy and radiation)
  • Stroke recovery / Bell's Palsey
  • Women's Health
    • - irregular/painful cycles
    • - PMS
    • - infertility
    • - menopause
  • Men's Health
    • - infertility
    • - erectile disfunction