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To book an appointment online visit our Convenient Online Scheduler
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*If you don't find an appointment time that is soon enough, please call the office and we will put you on our call list for last minute openings.

  • New Patients - here are the questions to ask when calling to check your insurance benefits.  Please confirm before arriving for your first appointment.  Thank You!
  • On Line Scheduling - the link will take you to the Portland Family Health Schedulicity website where you will create your login account (first time only) and be able to schedule your appointment at your convenience.
  • Appointments - I have office hours on M/T/Th/F.  When booking your appointment online there is no difference between "Acupuncture on Mon" and "Acupuncture on Tues-Fri", it's simply a logistical aspect of setting up the online scheduling system.  Average appointment length is 90 minutes.